A Guy Called Bloke’s Questions of the Week.

Please note: I’ve spent over an hour on this question and have an appointment I need to get to so don’t have time to change my answers to a different font. All of the questions are given below, and then my answer is there as well.

Daily Topic Subject – The Beauty of Great Music

Q1] How important is music in your life? Very important. I can’t imagine a life without music.

Q2] What is most favourite type of music and what is your least favourite? Most favorite is folk rock/rockabilly. My least favorite is rap.

Q3] Do you own a music collection or do you simply listen to whatever on whatever? I still have all my old 45’s and LP’s in addition to cassettes, CD’s and MP3’s and an iPod with about 700 songs on it–all sent to me by a friend who is a real music connoisseur. I mainly listen to that MP3’s contents over and over.

Q4] Are you a singer, a hummer or a whistler? Whistler and hummer.  Drives my sister crazy.

PQ5] Show through links your five best songs?

I and Love and You, Avett Bros.
One Voice,  Wailin’ Jennys
Snowin’ on Raton, by Townes Van Zandt (Performed by Gretchen Peters and Tom Russell)
Midnight on Raton, Eliza Gilkyson
Here in California, Kate Wolf

Q6] Have you ever been to an outdoor concert? Yes

PQ7] Do you ever go out to listen to music live? When was the last time you went to a concert/gig? Last week..improv jazz which I usually don’t like, but it was fabulous.

Q8] Do you sometimes feel like dancing when you hear music? Under what circumstances do you dance? Yes.  I’ll dance if asked

Q9] When do you listen to music? While having a massage, when in my house and not writing.  Sometimes while writing.

Q10] If you answered yes to Questions 6 & 7 – who did you go and see? He was an old jazz artist visiting Mexico with a wonderful young Mexican jazz combo–guitars, sax, bass, piano, clarinet, two drummers.

Q11] Is there a song that makes you emotional? ”

PQ12] Do you feel that you have a special connection with some types of music? Which types?

Q13]  Have you ever tried singing in a karaoke bar? What was the experience like?

Q14] Do you listen to music when writing? If so which? “Romance” played at the first concert I went to after my husband died. I had to go outside for awhile afterwards. It was the song the guitarist played at our wedding as I came into the courtyard.  Always makes me cry.”

PQ15] Have you even gone to see a musical? What was it, provide link please. Yes. Spamalot, The Wedding Singer, Fiddler on the Roof, many others–too many to list (and to be truthful, I’m blocking on the names.).

Q16] Do you know the lyrics to all the songs you like? No. The ones from my youth, yes.

Q17] When you are listening to music – are you listening just to the music itself or the lyrics too? Lyrics.

Q18] Do you listen to music when you go cycling/jogging or when you’re working out at the gym? [or any other physical activity] I listen to recorded books at these times.

Q19] Many operas are in French, Italian or German. If you listen to opera, do you understand the libretto (text) or are you happy to get the gist (main idea)? I like to know the libretto.

PQ20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones? It has taken forever to find links to the songs so I’m giving up.  Hopefully forgottenman will provide them as he’s the one who introduced me to most of these songs. (Update by forgottenman: Yep, done.)

Q21] Do you enjoy watching music videos? What sort of music videos do you enjoy most? I don’t watch many music videos. I love “The Voice” and watch every episode.

If you want to play along, here is the link to Bloke’s blogsite:

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    He REALLY is, Mary! And he has some REALLY good financial instruments to recommend to those interested! SO many opportunities with Nigerian royalty! You and Kip can see more at his website HonestIamNotaScammerTrustMe.com.



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