The Rules of Fidelity

The Rules of Fidelity

A wedding ring’s a shelter that protects you from the fray,
but that safety is a bullet that can ricochet some day.
The grace that’s found in your retreat from the single’s race
can vanish in a moment. Disappear without a trace.
For the oath that’s made in marriage is a double one, it’s true,
dependent on another person and not only you.
Only one need slip the knot to loosen it, enabling
“his” or “hers” to suddenly be passé in its labeling.
Loyalty and fidelity are two-way deals, it seems—
and they only work when couples work on them in teams.


The prompt words today are ring, shelter, ricochet and grace.  Here are the links:

6 thoughts on “The Rules of Fidelity

  1. Lander7

    The Rules of Fidelity seem easy to understand but where is the clause of dignity?

    Far to much abuse in relationships to think loyalty should retain it’s value.

    Back in the old days women would be loyal to one man for life even when he was beating her almost daily.

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  2. Anonymous

    Definitely. That “loyalty” is a two-way street. I’m not saying one should be loyal no matter what. I’m saying loyalty can only be expected by being loyal. This is Judy, by the way. Suddenly, WP has started labeling me as “Someone” when I comment on my own blog..

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