Imitations of Immortality

Imitations of Immortality

Lend my consciousness to an android—every feeling, thought, ambition?
Can I commit this practice without suffering perdition?
Why not replace the faulty parts? We do it with our car,
and with this perishable body, I won’t get very far.
So why not buy a new one if I have the cash to do so?
I may even treat myself to invest in a few so
I can change my body like others change their clothes.
I’ll put me in a fresh one while the other bodies doze.
I’ll live a life that’s double. I won’t waste any hours.
Twenty-four hours of every day, I’ll exercise my powers.
Will I still be myself? Yes. It’s plain as it can be
that I won’t be my android. My android will be me.

The promptWelcome to the future. We now have the technology to upload your consciousness into an android body. The feelings, thoughts, and ambitions that make you unique remain after the transfer. Do you accept this new reality given the opportunity, and why?

3 thoughts on “Imitations of Immortality

  1. isaiah46ministries

    I definitely think I will just stay as is. I like that most people don’t know what I think. It keeps me safe in today’s craziness wherein failing to agree makes you an enemy to friends, family, and neighbors, but especially to church brothers and sisters.



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