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It’s all part and parcel of what I’ve been repressing—
one of those hidden vices I should have been addressing.
All those dingy corners filled with useless things.
Wondering how much happiness each hoarded object brings.
How can I glide through life carrying such a pack?
It must impede my progress with all that on my back.

There must be a reason a turtle has a shell
that enables all he glides through to slide off him as well.
He doesn’t amass fortune or any worldly thing.
Each day he starts anew to see what it might bring.
Perhaps in my next life I’ll be less of a hoarder.
and in the life I’m finishing I’ll be a better sorter.

One pile for donations, another I will sell.
Another, objects for old friends I know will love them well.
One pile for Yolanda and one for Pasiano.
Old pictures for my sister to put on her piano.
Rings for all my nieces and earrings for my friends.
When it comes to shoes, the pile never ends.

When it is all sorted, the clothes all hung on racks,
knickknacks on the tables and records piled in stacks,
I’ll open up garage doors and let the masses in
to sort through all the boxes and plow through every bin.
And when the weekend’s over—the chaos and the din,
I’ll start amassing more and start the process all again! glide

10 thoughts on “Acquisitions

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Me either. I did once invite friend over to look through my clothing. And before I moved to Mexico we had three weekends of huge sales plus I came back for four years once a year and had more sales. I said never again, but I’m now in the same fix. A lot of it for me is art supplies. And clothes.

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      1. slmret

        My current project is reorganizing and discarding old paperwork. A lot of that comes about because of reorganizing my overall finances to be able to move next spring/summer. Clothes will come next — or if there’s another disaster in a place where clothes would be helpful (like an earthquake somewhere).


  1. isaiah46ministries

    As we prepare to move again, it is packing the stuff all over again that is disturbing to think about doing. We plan a garage sale like we had before leaving California, but in just three years, we are back to just about the same amount of stuff. I unpacked winter clothes this week, and I asked myself why do I keep packing and unpacking clothes I never wear, so here’s to getting rid of some things. I want a smaller house next time.


  2. Carol Lopez

    It was wonderful to see your stuff again, Judy; they might be “useless things”, but for your guests, they are treasures.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ah, thanks Carol. The art isn’t really what I need to get rid of. It’s the papers and art supplies I probably won’t use. But, don’t you know, it is the art supplies you rid yourself of one day that are necessities the next.


  3. Marian Gedye

    My sister is a hoarder and eventually all her hoardings will end up in an op shop and a skip. I gave up long ago subjecting myself to the passive aggressive response which always eventuates if I try to discuss the issue or offer support. I do think renting a unit for more than ten years which she does not live in (owns a house out of town but had to rent for a year after losing drivers license) is pretty extreme hoarding. Ah well, at least I know her ashes will be happy sharing the skip with her stuff!!!!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I must admit my poem is hyperbole. i do have lots of things, but all neatly organized, packed away, arranged or hung. It is just that there is so much..but not in piles or filling rooms. That would drive me crazy. I wonder if this happened in the past or if it is a fairly modern thing.



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