My attempts at active leisure are challenged by the rain,
so it’s possible that I will go back to bed again.
Raindrops slash and pummel. Rain soaks my shoes and hair.
I wouldn’t mind it half so much if I were wash and wear,
but, alas, I crumple up. I languish in the cold.
I’ve a propensity for colds and coughs. My shoes develop mold.
And so with no more ceremony, I’ll remain inside.
When rain seeks my company, I choose to spare my hide.



7 thoughts on “Hide-and-Go-Seek

  1. slmret

    So Cal has had 2 good soaking storms last month, and we are expecting another later this week. It’s been so long that it’s a joy to see the rain, and to feel it on the parched skin!

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      1. slmret

        The first one put all but one of the fires out — the last one finished the last one, I think. The hills between here and Santa Barbara are like moonscapes — my jaw dropped as I drove the freeways! The coast road north of Malibu is closed every day (daytimes) for the next few months for repairs to signs, guard rails, etc ~ ~ And there are flood/mudslide warnings for every rain now!



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