Temper, Temper



Temper, Temper

Her emotional last eruption caused such a giant rift
that she could not fill it, however large the gift.
A brand new Maserati did not curb his ire.
He still remembered well the smoke, the spewing of the fire.
She bought him a new pitching wedge, an iron and a putter,
but still it didn’t lessen his memory of her sputter.
Her spewing and her venting and that final fiery blast
blew him out the door and consigned her to the past.


The prompt words today are driver, eruption and gift.

10 thoughts on “Temper, Temper

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    And good riddance to him, if a Mazerati didn’t turn the trick, but perhaps she should’ve tried something a bit more feminine, like baking his favorite cake and dousing herself with seductive perfume…
    P.S. Do you know how cute you are, Judy?
    P.P.S. The image is vaguely pornographic, I think.



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