Tropical Christmas Agenda



Tropical Christmas Agenda

I’m tired of snowy and of cold.
I prefer weather less bold.
Forget the frost. Forget the ice.
Some trade winds would be rather nice.
Sand and surf would hit the spot
in a place where snow is not.
More intrigue near the steaming beach.
Romance is somehow more in reach,
perhaps because sans scarf and mitten
the chance for one to be more smitten
over vast amounts of skin
creates a greater chance of sin.

And so, so much for Nordic pleasures.
I prefer the island treasures
of a fresh pina colada
over the yada yada yada
of another Christmas season
so devoid of charm and reason.
Keep your presents and your nog,
your carols and your Yule log.
I choose a hammock and a book
and swimsuit for my Christmas look.

The prompt words are intrigue, snowy and frost.  Here are the links:

18 thoughts on “Tropical Christmas Agenda

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. I have his rhythms implanted in my head. My dad and mom used to read me every Dr. Seuss poem that came out when I was little. Some magazine ran them–either Redbook or Journal or the Saturday Evening post. My mother actually cut them out and glued them onto cardboard!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Plus she’s a very pretty woman. Bought the ingredients for your Rose Brownies (or the one you reblogged.)..They are sitting on the counter. We’ll make them tomorrow. Gloria is bringing ice cream to make them more decadent and I got hot fudge sauce instead of chocolate sauce. Don’t tell me I don’t know how to be naughty!! Made a huge casserole of scalloped potatoes today and with reheat them tomorrow with more crackers to brown on top. Will save fuss tomorrow and they’re always better the second or third time warmed up anyway. Ham and asparagus and rolls will complete the bill.. plus Rose Brownies with ice cream.

          Liked by 2 people

        2. lifelessons Post author

          We had the most incredible gourmet feast at Viva Mexico tonight. Rolled pork loin with kiwi, raisins and some other incredible ingredients in the roll–sweet and a bit piquant. Mashed potatoes and an incredible cabbage salad with apples and I know not what else. Started out with a mild pepper cream soup. This man has an incredible mind in thinking up recipes. I’ll post a photo tomorrow.. Happy Holidays to my favorite online chef.

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