Christmas Day: Coloring, Singing, Strumming.


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This morning as I did my blog, Christina and Fred worked diligently on their music, but earlier I had awakened to find her having a great time completing a task I’d set out for her the night before.  A few days before, I’d colored one of the wonderful drawings Ansley had drawn for Isidro and me in thanks for our using her and her family for the models for our newest book, “Sunup Sundown Song” and for dedicating the book to her. In the picture I’d colored, I was riding the pig, Isidro was on the goat and Ansley was on the elephant.  In the one I’d left for Christina to color, I think I was standing on my hands on the surfboard, Ansley was in the water and Isidro spread out at rest on the tree, but I’ll leave it to Ansley to tell me if I was right. Her drawings were just too much fun to resist coloring them in.

Later, we had Xmas dinner and played Mexican Train, but I was too busy to remember to take photos.  Our friend Gloria came to spend the day with us. A wonderful time, all-in-all.

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My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Day: Coloring, Singing, Strumming.

            1. lifelessons Post author

              I was just continuing the animal imagery! You’ve heard of “an eye of the dog that bit you?” It means having a little drop of the alcohol that did you in the night before. The “morning remedy” is so much more polite.

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            2. koolkosherkitchen

              I am familiar with that dog, but I thought it was the hair, rather than the eye. “Morning remedy” is the brine from anything pickled, followed by a glass of vodka. Not a shot – a 12 oz glass.


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