In the Flash of an Eye

PA260088 - Version 2

This entire Skype conversation occurred during the passing of a minute as I talked to Forgottenman on Skype just now:


Judy, 1:32 PM Just saw a mouse run across the floor and then realized it is a new and very big floater.

Judy, 1:32 PM We’re all performing at Open Mike today . . . Man those little mice are running all over, including right across the middle of my vision.  So strange. Sometimes side to side, sometimes up and down in both eyes. Never had this happen before. Like a meteor shower

Judy, 1:32 PM OMG!!! It was two little ants racing across my glasses!!! I swear. I just took them off and noticed one, killed it, and when I put them on again, I had another flash. Took them off and it was another ant! Bizarre.

Forgottenman, 1:32 PM

Judy, 1:32 PM
The most strange experience ever.
Who would guess? And quite a relief. I feared it was a detached retina.

Forgottenman, 1:32 PM
That’s a WONDERFUL short blog!

Judy, 1:33 PM
I swear.. that all happened in real time as I was typing to you.

Forgottenman, 1:33 PM
Cut & paste our conversation.

1:33 PM
I couldn’t figure out why the cat hadn’t responded to the mouse as it flashed right in front of her.
Ants are big when they are a half inch from your eyes

2 thoughts on “In the Flash of an Eye

  1. slmret

    Yikes — I hope it truly wasn’t a detached retina — those are scary! If it was really ants, that’s really funny — I’ve not had ants on my glasses, but I imagine they would look like mice!



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