We were a marvelous combination, determined to survive.
When we were together, each of us more alive.
There was no way to forecast what our end would be.
Never did I dream that love’s survivor would be me.

It’s best that love can’t forecast the future that is pending
We might not choose ever to love if we could know its ending.
For it is inevitable, after true love’s gain,
for one or the other, the ending will be pain.



The prompt words today are forecast, determined, marvelous and combine.


21 thoughts on “Left

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    My grandparents were engaged when he was 16 and she 15, and married 11 months later, according to tradition. They lived to celebrate their 59th anniversary, and throughout their life together, they held hands and gazed into each other’s eyes like two teenagers. My grandmother outlived my grandfather by 6 months, and when she was gone, we found little notebooks all over the apartment, all filled with only one word repeated again and again in different languages – his name. I have never seen this kind of love and devotion anywhere else, and I always think that I am blessed to have witnessed it.

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          1. koolkosherkitchen

            It’s all your fault, Judy, and it’s your lovely poem that sent me down the memory lane.
            They lived in two small towns, close to one another. My grandfather would ride his horse to the other town, where as he had heard, the richest man in town had a bunch of pretty daughters (ten, to be exact). So he would tie his horse to a tree next to the stone fence (the only stone fence in town), climb that tree and try to sneak a look at the girls in the courtyard. Pretty soon my grandmother’s dad caught on to it, came out, motion the youngster to climb down, and asked him, “Who is your father?”
            “Reb Avrom” (Mr. Abraham).
            “Reb Avrom the shoemaker?”- with derision.
            “No, Reb Avrom Chaim, the Rabbi of Zhitomir.”
            At this point, the richest man in town threw the gates open and issued an invitation that became legendary in my family, “Nu, if you want to marry, come in, and if you don’t – leave.”
            So my brave grandfather walked in, the three marriageable age girls were called out from the house, my grandmother being the youngest of the three, and the boy had to choose. This is the first time they saw each other, the second time being at the engagement party, and finally, under the wedding canopy. And my grandfather always said that all sisters were lovely, kind, and sweet-natured, but he picked the best!
            This is true; I’ve met older people who remembered their engagement and wedding.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              OMG… I love that story. The precursor of Match.Com!!!!! I think you should blog this. I’m afraid those who have already read the blog will never see it.. or people won’t read comments. It is a wonderful story.

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            2. koolkosherkitchen

              Thank you, Judy, but, as I’ve mentioned, It’s already a part of the book, and I don’t want to repeat myself. Actually, it’s a part of anthology of Russian authors, compiled and translated by my son, called “The Times of Turmoil.” Originally it was published in Russian.

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            3. koolkosherkitchen

              Thank you so much for your kind offer, Judy. You gave me an idea to publish it myself in installments, since every chapter starts with a description of one of our traditional holiday dishes, but without an actual recipe, so I can link each chapter to a recipe. I will ask my son for the legalities of copyrights, etc. You are brilliant, my friend!


            4. lifelessons Post author

              Great idea.. I have an Indonesian cookbook where each recipe is preceded by a story the grandmother tells about growing up in Indonesia and a tale connected to each recipe.. I love that cookbook. If I were home, I’d give you more info. about it.

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            5. koolkosherkitchen

              We’ll see what my son says; it’s his decision, or the publisher’s, perhaps – I simply don’t know.
              As to recipes combined with stories, I am sure you’ve read Como Aqua Para Chocolate, haven’t you?


            6. lifelessons Post author

              Remember her quail in rose petals recipe? Viva Mexico, the restaurant I’ve written so much about, serves it..but shifted to chicken in rose petal sauce because people complained about the quail being too sparse. He will still do them by advance order, however! He’s resurrected a lot of the traditional recipes. So far no one has made love under the table after consuming them, however.

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            7. koolkosherkitchen

              How do you know? Are you looking under tables all the time? In the Frida movie, Frida Kahlo managed to make love to her girlfriend under the table in a restaurant, while calmly talking to Diego Rivera, who was sitting across the table from them.


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