Unholy Fathers


Unholy Fathers

Those who say they are  devout
but who  abuse their power and clout
to line their pockets, yet profess
to pardon sins their flocks confess
should note that they should be eschewing
acts that might prove their undoing
if they had to confess them to
the masses they are doing them to.

Holy men whose words are truthless
may be exploitative and ruthless
rather than the gentle men
their savior states they should have been.
Those truly holy do not resort
to indulgences meant to extort.
All such ill-gained filthy lucre
cannot give much grace and succor

to the ones collecting it
or for those detecting it
who cover up their loathsome ways.
Not one such sinner ever pays
for deeds for which they should atone.
Their “rules” leave these men alone
to exploit children once again
and go unpunished for their sin.


The prompt words today are note, resort and devout.


10 thoughts on “Unholy Fathers

  1. Lwbut

    Holy Hypocrisies! ! !

    Home Sapiens – the hypocritical ape! 😉

    If the Bible can be believed, which is to say if anyone believes what it says, then all will be given their appropriate due in the last day, as per their true heart – good or bad.

    Liked by 2 people


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