Not Dually Noted

Version 3

Not Dually Noted

He was an integral part of his community—
much more notable than either you or me.
With anything that mattered, he was associated.
His social calendar was full. Its pace never abated.

As they unrolled red carpets for notables to  enter,

he always made an effort to be there, front and center.
In short, he was ubiquitous—adept at being seen
in every newspaper column. In every magazine.

Yet when he slipped this mortal coil and reached the pearly gate,
standing at the back of lines became his final fate.

A shock, because the truth of it had not been very quotable:
In heaven, every denizen is considered notable!


The prompt words today were anything, integral and effort.

11 thoughts on “Not Dually Noted

        1. lifelessons Post author

          It is literally the only photo of a guy in a suit that I have in 89,000 photos in my photos file! Indicative of the life I lead, I guess. He is a stranger. I photographed him with his bride as they had photos taken out by the lake. Hopefully he doesn’t have a clue that I have a blog and that he features in it!!

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