Some Statistics on Football-related Injuries and Deaths


The article discusses, “Why high school players lead the way in football fatalities.

This November, 2018 article states: “A week of football injuries, from youth to the pros, shows the damage the sport can inflict.”

Although the below article on football-related injuries and deaths points out that the percentage of deaths due to football are are not high given the number of participants, the number of direct deaths due to football injuries has gone up since 2000, and “Although there are risks involved in any sport and any type of exertion, the physical and contact-heavy nature of football means players are particularly at risk for brain and spinal cord injury.”

The above links are given related to my earlier poem about football published this morning.  If you haven’t seen it, you can see it HERE.




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15 thoughts on “Some Statistics on Football-related Injuries and Deaths

  1. slmret

    It was interesting to me that 45 said this morning that he doesn’t like football, or that it has become so violent — he wouldn’t encourage his son to play football!


      1. slmret

        Well — my bad! I guess I heard half the quote this morning! He really said that he didn’t like the roughness,and would not steer Barron towards the game — BUT he would let him play if that was what he really wanted to do. I hope he brings up Barron to be a truthful businessman instead — haha


        1. lifelessons Post author

          What I read was that in increasing the tariffs so much it wasn’t really hurting the Mexicans as much as the American buyers when the price nearly doubled as the U.S. buys almost all of its avocados from Mexico.

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  2. Christine Goodnough

    In addition to what you mention, there’s evidence coming forth now, showing that the frequent concussions and brain jarring that happen in football —at all levels— can do long-term, personality-altering damage even if nothing shows up initially. Being heard is like trying to turn the tide, though.


  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I don’t doubt that football is our physically roughest sport, but there are at least as many injuries in horse racing, on the track and in by number in this country per player … and many of those injuries are fatal. Sports are dangerous, especially to the young. I know we have a culture of encouraging young people to play dangerous sports because “it’s good, healthy, outdoor fun,” but the number of injuries just among the young whose youthful injuries aren’t even recognized until many years later is uncountable. Garry and I have talked about this a lot. Our granddaughter was badly injured through gymnastics and not a little in karate, too. And she was a natural athlete and LOVED playing. Losing her ability to play has made her very depressed. She really, really LOVED sports.

    I’m not sure there’s much to be done about it, either. But parents do need to recognize that these “little injuries” aren’t so little and often last a lifetime.

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