Time marches on. It has no instinct to appease.
It will not stop for anything. It has no need to please.
Young  girls who start out radiant eventually dim.
Dreams  that were fantastical turn nightmarish and grim.
Aging is a truth of life that can’t be circumvented.
It  seems we do not own our lives. They simply have been rented.
One day the lease will lapse on them and we’ll have to go
back into the vapors to join the ebb and flow.
That’s how nature plans it. We cannot break the chain.
Our only hope is being recycled again.


Prompt words today are march, radiant, fantastical and appease. Here are the links:

6 thoughts on “Transmogrification

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Beautiful poem, Judy. We believe that we get “recycled” up to 80 times, to have all those chances to correct prior mistakes and wrongdoings, and finally come to rest. That’s where the expression “Rest in peace” comes from.



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