Made Over


Made Over

Back when we were fragile and our love was first on trial,
I was seeking to enchant you with trickery and guile.
I feared that final reckoning when one day you’d wake up
before I had the chance to do my hair and my makeup.

My mental alarm clock never seemed to fail.
I’d haul me to the bathroom, looking snarled and pale—
smooth my hair and draw the me you knew upon my face,
until the real me was obscured—vanished without a trace.

How many years did I go on with that sad charade,

trying to restore in me what nature chose to fade?

Now that all I am is finally written on my face

with lines and wrinkles scored so deep that you can easily trace
all of my imperfections, what a wonder that you see
what you describe as beauty in this face that’s only me!


Prompt words today are trial, reckoning, enchant and fragile. Links below.

7 thoughts on “Made Over

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I still own makeup, but I almost never use it. It doesn’t make you look younger. Mostly, it makes you look older. I will never forget seeing the very old Ginger Rogers painted over to try and look like she did back in her big movie days and it was so sad. Good you have your own face. I’m not unhappy with mine, either.

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  2. Martha Kennedy

    I can’t find my lipstick. I’ve never worn foundation. I missed that adolescent moment when girls experimented with makeup. My mom had some “thing” about doing that and if I wanted to try things out (here’s the funny part) I had to wait till my grandma (dad’s mom) visited and I could mess around with hers. I do not like my elderly face at all and I look at it as little as possible, but it doesn’t seem to make people sick and that’s the big thing. 😉



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