Some Nights

Some Nights

When waking hours grow too late,
ideas begin to percolate.
Chords we’ve found euphonious
may somehow seem erroneous
when we hear their altered streams
filtered through erratic dreams.

Life is made of dreams, we’re told,
but when the dark turns drear and cold,
however oft we’re told we’re chosen,
our potential may be frozen—
all our day-lit grand achievements
turned by night into bereavements.

We lie abandoned in our beds
with nightmares caught within our heads.
What a relief is dawning day
that relieves our need to pay
those ransoms that some dreams demand—
cast not in concrete but in sand.

8 thoughts on “Some Nights

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    At least you skipped the advertisement. I got all tangled up with Patricia Neil (who we actually knew from the Vineyard and “good (really mediocre) to the very last drop” … and somehow, it didn’t make a post for me. Yours is ever so much better.



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