If Democratic Socialism is so Bad, Why is Norway so Great?

Photo and article from “The Week.” Read below to see an example of what has worked for Norway.


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10 thoughts on “If Democratic Socialism is so Bad, Why is Norway so Great?

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    It really helps to be a small country with a non-diverse population. That’s how MOST countries manage it. This isn’t a criticism, of them, but a point about who WE are. The U.S. is huge, diverse and really should be five or six different countries.

    I think we would do MUCH better if we didn’t try to agree at the same time. Various areas of this nation have very different histories and we DON’T agree with each other on many issues. We don’t talk alike or think alike, either. We didn’t even become part of this country at the time.

    It makes it hard when we are all supposed to agree in a united way when we’ve never been entirely united on anything except in times of major wars.

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    1. mcrosspe

      We did try to compromise during the mid-1800’s, but there must be a point where the disagreements inevitably drive armed conflict. In the case of the US, it was slave vs free states. We could have split into two countries then, but the economics made it unpalatable for the North. In four years, the state of Louisiana went from being the richest state in the Union, to the poorest state.

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  2. M. Oniker

    I follow NPR on Facebook (one of the few things/people for which I keep my FB account open). One of many things are clear from following and reading comments is that”socialism” is such a trigger for the Right, more than ever. FAUX news has done a great job with that. I didn’t read your article (I’ve kind of maxed out on political things for a few days now), but assuming it is similar to other articles with similar titles, I’ll add my two cents. We already have a social democracy. If folks don’t like socialism, then I hope they decline their Social Security, don’t support the troops, don’t drive on roads, don’t send kids to public schools, etc. etc. Bernie stated in an interview that he would focus on explaining “social democracy” better. If the Dems do that, they’ll help Trump and his ilk to new terms. Sad but true, imho. Best to call the rose by another name or risk its thorns.

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  3. Dylan Shetler

    Norway is great, if you want to just be a number in the system. But, if you wish to become wealthy and create a profitable business, you cant because they take it from you. That’s why we never hear of Norway making technological advancements or anything widely important because nobody their is able to get any higher than where the government wants them to be.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      They should come to the states where it seems that is the most important thing lately–to get even richer on the backs of the poor and middle class. It seems like there should be something in the middle, doesn’t it? Thanks for commenting, Dylan.

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  4. M. C. Ross

    I think in the US the rich prefer to deal with the rich. The real question is… can the US have both a capitalistic and socialistic elements of its economy. For example, if the us government paid a doctor 40 bucks an hour to see as many people as came into a clinic in 1 hr… no insurance involved. Would it work? The rich folks would keep their lucrative insurance and health coverage plan. Those who desire to see a free doctor, can… that way everyone gets healthcare, and at the levels they can afford. Works?

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