Sum of Us


Sum of Us

Sensible habits and sensible shoes,
sensible houses in sensible hues—
An ideology shared by the most.
Normal descendants of which you can boast.
Develop your life by typical measures.
Don’t be bedeviled by uncommon pleasures.
Hop onto the bandwagon. Change is a sin.
Why ever be more than what you have been?

Living for tradition and keen on the past,
you’ll remain in the mold from which you were cast.
There’s nothing wrong with the status quo
so long as you’re demonstrating that you know
it’s also okay to go off on your own
and turn into the new person that you have grown.
Unique and different isn’t a sin.
It’s simply the you that you are still in.

The world has evolved by some species changing,
shuffling and growing, moving, rearranging,
and peace in the world is contingent on seeing
all of the ways of thinking and being.
So long as they’re peaceful and let you be you,
give them a chance. Afford them their due.
Don’t censure others for who they’ve become.
Add up the equation and accept the sum.


My “given” words today are bedevil, sensible, ideology and keen. Here are the links:

2 thoughts on “Sum of Us

  1. Martha Kennedy

    I think along these lines when I’m out with my friends here in my small town. In a bigger city, we wouldn’t even know each other. Here many of the biases and expectations fall by the way because there isn’t anyone else and we are neighbors. So there we all are, out celebrating my new car, having a blast that our attitudes would probably have prevented somewhere else. We like each other very much and don’t think anyone should be one bit different. ❤

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