Urban Princess

Urban Princess

Those bucolic pleasures such as sleeping in a tent
are clearly not the pleasures for which this girl was meant.
I prefer my pleasures slightly more urbane.
Cooking over campfires? Definitely insane.
I find it most peculiar— this sleeping in the sticks—
where there are bears and badgers and mosquitos and ticks!
If life is a tapestry composed of warp and weave,
the warped part would be country life, I’m given to believe.
I represent the city scene. That is where I belong,
so If your plans include the countryside, I shall not go along.
Picnics? They’re for peasants. This sitting in the grass
with merely a thin blanket to separate your ass
from the dirt and ants and briars , friend, just isn’t me.
I prefer a terrace floor complete with canopy!
That’s the extent of sylvan pleasures that I’m content to try,
so if vacation plans are rural, I beg—just pass me by!


Disclaimer: This is an assumed personality, dear readers. I used to love camping and I’m not averse to cooking over a campfire or, if given a hand up afterwards, to sitting in the grass.

Prompt words today are warp, bucolic, represent and peculiar. Here are the links:

13 thoughts on “Urban Princess

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    It’s the ticks that get me. I really HATE ticks. Periodically, I have to pull them off the dogs — even with tick collars — and I hate it, hate it, hate it. No sleeping outdoors for this girl. I love the country. I love it best from a screened porch! With a cold drink and a book!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, the problem of ticks has gotten much more severe than in our youth where the most you had to worry about was Rocky Mrn. Tick Fever. These new tick diseases are scary as Hell.



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