I’ve got you in my crosshairs, you can’t escape my aim.
In fact it’s very obvious I’ll wound or kill or maim.
Do you see my lifted eyebrow? Is my message coming through?
It should not be ambiguous what’s happening to you.
I really have it in for you. It’s true I mean to bite you.

You’re fully in my power, so there’ll be no need to fight you.
There’s no other fate in store for you. No other choice to make.
After twenty-one days of dieting, I’m having me some cake!!!!



The prompt words are crosshairs, ambiguous, obvious and eyebrow:


4 thoughts on “Premeditated

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I was like that when I quit smoking. People actually urged me to smoke — anything to get me back to who I was. I did get over it, though, and I did quit. But boy, I was fanged and ready for battle during those first few weeks!

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