Of what importance do you hold fame?
 How many people know your name?
Did you choose the challenge of renown?
Are you well-noted in your town
or in your state or in the world?
How often is your face unfurled
on posters hanging in Time’s Square––
your name broadcasted through the air?

What tradeoff made you vain and truthless,
removed your honor,  made you ruthless?
What kind of fortitude is power
turned vain and humorless and dour?
What good these trophies all around you
with no humanity to ground you ?
What good this fame of which you’re fond
If honor’s gone a vagabond?

Words of the day are fame, challenge, fortitude and vagabond. Here are their links:

6 thoughts on “Fame

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I ask the same question. I ask the same question about people who cheat to “get ahead” and wonder if it means anything when you didn’t REALLY win.

    Apparently to these people — that person — it means everything. It wouldn’t mean anything to me because I’d be ashamed of myself — but herein lies the difference. We feel guilt and shame. He doesn’t. Winning, for him, is everything.


  2. slmret

    I once walked into a client’s office to be introduced to the staff before a presentation. Somebody yelled out “You’re the ~ the ~ THE Janet W?” Just a little embarrassing, as I had simply done my job at that office!

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