Travel Primer


Travel Primer

We wander narrow alleyways in countries that are foreign—
negotiate their tunnels, like rabbits in a warren.
We do not pay attention as we ogle and we gawk
who may follow closely—who may observe and stalk.
We are naive travelers. We’re innocents abroad.
One listens to our narratives, then signals with a nod
just as we are reaching to try to reimburse,
for another watcher to swoop down on our purse.
Then they’re off down alleyways where we are loath to go
where they’ll have their own adventures—financed by our dough.



Today’s prompts were stalk, abroad, narrative and foreign. Links are here:

6 thoughts on “Travel Primer

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Ha! I remember a gang of swarthy boys, no older than 10 – 12, swarming around us, trying to lighten up our pockets (note: never carry a purse in Italy). Italians claimed they were Turkish emigrants. Turkish emigrants claimed they were native Italians, but from the South of Italy. Both of them eventually pointed their fingers at Gypsies, and what’s new about that, right? I take Gypsy-blaming very personally as I have quite a few Gypsy friends. Resolve: keep your hands in your pockets, especially the one where your money is.
    P.S. We emerged from the encounter safely.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I didn’t travel as extensively as many people, but I was lucky. Never had my wallet lifted or felt ripped off. My mother had her wallet lifted in Macy’s in Jamaica, Queens. You don’t have to travel for that experience!

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