Frangipani Fever


Frangipani Fever

Yes, the scenery is breathtaking. In fact, it is uncanny,
and what mainly takes my breath away is the frangipani.
The color is my favorite—its texture velvet-soft—
but see its pollen messengers descending from aloft?
They permeate the summer sky. They go where e’er they please.
They wind up in my nostril hairs, then spin out in a sneeze.
When I call it “hay fever,” I know it is a gaffe,
but “frangipani fever” only makes folks laugh.
As I explode each morning—blowing, coughing, wheezing,
I fear the fact they’re “breathtaking” is something less than pleasing.



Prompts today are breathtaking, gaffe, zenith and velvet. Here are links:

6 thoughts on “Frangipani Fever

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Nope. Awakened to 5 gargantuan sneezes this morning. Luckily all the neighbors are out of town right now. Years ago I would sneeze and my next door neighbors would shout “Salud!!” (Health. The equivalent of Gesundhet.)

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