Balm of Gilead


Balm of Gilead

There may have been a balm of Gilead, but all my perseverance
cannot restore it to a world where it has gone on clearance.
I try to gather peace of mind, but still I cannot sleep.
I have too many troubles given over to my keep.
I need to take a gap year away from every worry.
Perhaps there is still time for it if I really hurry.
My niece gave me some fairy dust and maybe it will do.
I’ll sprinkle it in place of that legendary goo.
Concerning soothing miracles of body or of mind,
I’ll accept proffered magic of assorted types or kind.
I’ll resort to anything, be it dust or balm,
accepting any magic that simply restores calm.

image from Austin Ban on Unsplash, used with permission

As a point of interest, in case you think the “balm of Gilead” is just a Biblical allusion, go HERE to see a video on an old native American balm of Gilead that makes use of the buds of a common American tree. For the fairy dust? Go see your niece.

The prompt words today are balm, gap and perseverance and fairy.

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