The Tyranny of Order

The Tyranny of Order

We must take charge of all our lives lest they take charge of us.
Too easy to be eaten up by schedules and fuss.
We tick off items on our lists forgetting to just see—
too often caught up raking leaves, not noticing the tree.

Life could be more melodious if we just stopped to listen.
Overlooked its rust a bit to take note of its glisten.
It takes no ingenuity to concentrate on things
that bring a savor to our life. The world around us sings!

Let your life spill over the proverbial apple cart.
The best things of your life cannot be confined to a chart.
Take time to note the details. Fragrances and sounds.
The morning sounds of hummingbirds as they make their rounds.

How the cat lies curled in sleep. How leaf bunches unfurl.
How dust on the window settles in a soft whirl.
How the clouds form continents we travel from afar.
How our life cuts through its sea, fleet and sure and yar.

The ticking of a clock reminds that time is short and sweet.
We do not have the time to make everything so neat.
As I realign these items to perfection on the shelf,
I am mainly giving this advice to myself.

Prompt words are ingenuity, chart, melodious and charge.

11 thoughts on “The Tyranny of Order

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    The problem always seems to be that you can love the tree, but after the pleasure of looking at it, you still have to clean up the leaves or they will form a layer of humous on your deck or lawn. You have to fill the holes in your house because otherwise, termites and wood ants will live there. You have to fix the sagging window because there will be other sagging windows and the longer you let the problems lie, the more expensive repairing them gets. If there’s a way out of this, I’d personally appreciate knowing what it is! I enjoy the beauty very much … but reality just keeps banging me on the head.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’ve just been rewriting. I realized that in two places, I’ve used a word on one line and then used it on the next line as well. How can I have overlooked that?


  2. Nancy Bisht

    Love it how some people can notice beauty even in the dust settled on window panes..
    Totally amazed..Really loved this poem..

    Liked by 1 person


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