Nightly Ritual

Nightly Ritual

A fleeting shadow on the wall, what do you make of that?
Another and another joins this swirling mass of bat.
Fortuitous destruction, they swarm across the lake.
What an impressive undulating constant stream they make.
They go to eat mosquitos in the farther fields they roam,
leaving only guano here closer to their home.
The wellbeing they foster, I fear is far afield.
Here at home there’s not a single benefit  they yield.
They sleep by day then hurry off on nightly winged weavings,
leaving me, with broom and scrub brush, dealing with their leavings.

Prompt words  today are fortuitous, shadow, wellbeing, destruction and bat.
Also, for Granny’s BOTD.

12 thoughts on “Nightly Ritual

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Do you really have them? I’ve encountered them many years ago, crawling through an extremely narrow cave in the Crimean, being scratched all over by both stalactites and stalagmites, one of which tore the kerchief I had on my head. Suddenly, there was a tug on my hair, then another one… The poor creatures got tangled up, and until I reached the wide part of the cave, I couldn’t even help them. It was all worth it, though, as the view was more spectacular and fantastic than I could ever imagine. The rest of our group were totally envious, as I was the only small one able to wiggle in!


  2. slmret

    I used to take clients to Killeen, TX to a loan servicing center. We would usually spend the first night of the trip in Austin. A mile down the road from the State Capitol Building is a bridge over Lady Bird Lake on the Colorado River. The bridge is summer home to 1.5 million bats, which come out every night at dusk and fly all over TX eating bugs. It was always a fascination to sit on the banks of the river/lake and watch the bats — umbrellas were necessary, of course, but what a sight and sound they all made!



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