Amalfi Coast

Six o’clock in the morning. My sister’s alarm has been going off for 5 minutes and she is still sleeping soundly. Now that it is light, I can see the Amalfi coast from our balcony as we sail toward Salerno. The pilot boat just came to show us the way…Exciting. The view is a bit misted over by early morning, but we’re expecting a bright day. More review later–but first a lot of walking in Pompeii…

Click on photos to enlarge.



What prompt words I can find for today are review and bright.

10 thoughts on “Amalfi Coast

  1. angloswiss

    What a wonderful place to be. It brings back memories. My dad landed in Italy on the Salerno beach in the 2nd World War, and when I was 18 years old, many years ago, my friend and I spent two week’s holiday in Amalfi. Enjoying the atmosphere and area, but also a little pilgrimage because her father was also in that area as a soldier and they both always said it was a paradise. Of course they were right.


      1. angloswiss

        Although he still had a few skirmishes with the enemy. I remember him telling me about going up the mountain path to Ravello, where they hid behind their donkeys from the enemy fire



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