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Mykonos is a city of light and wind. Citizens are required to whitewash their houses three times a year and color police enforce the color restrictions. Narrow winding streets were a deterrent to marauding pirates and they did a good job of deterring me as well. We were perpetually lost. The wrapped pipes (white, of course) reminded me of African masks. It was obvious to us all why Mykonos is  noted for its windmills, as constant gusty winds helped to cool down the otherwise hot day. Shopping galore, but I resisted the $1500 blouse and instead photographed the resident reigning cat in her royal wicker chair. No dogs were in evidence, but this black cat welcomed us to shore from her comfortable spot under the shade of a concrete bench. A lovely end to our last day of the cruise. Tomorrow we arise at 6 to go to Athens to catch our separate planes to Chicago.  We overnight there and then I head back to Guadalajara, my sister back to Sheridan.

12 thoughts on “Mykonos

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Regina. I wouldn’t do another cruise as everything is too confusing and regimented at the same time, but I’ve been a a number of very well-planned tours. Especially in Mexico. Overseas Adventure Travel is an excellent, personalized company. A bit expensive, though, but not as expensive as a cruise where they nickel/dime you on everything!!!


  1. bethlovesblue

    I have been busy with life and am just now getting caught up on reading favorite blogs. You are on an adventure I see!! Lovely photos, the whitewashed houses help give the whole landscape a dreamy aura!! Have fun your last day!!



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