Kitchen Queen


Kitchen Queen

Her souffles are a marvel and her cakes a work of art.
Every single thing she cooks, a product of her heart.
Her kitchen full of luscious smells and openness and levity,
every disaster solvable and noted for its brevity.
She surmounts each problem, opens every stubborn jar,
locates each ingredient, no matter how bizarre.

When she puts on her apron and dons her cooking cap,
she conquers national cuisines from all over the map.
Marinara and béchamel, curries and doro wats—
sauces from every culture simmer in her pots.
From kreplach to pot stickers, she has mastered each cuisine.
When it comes to ruling kitchens, our Dolly is the queen!


Go check out Dolly’s blog at koolkosherkitchen. She is presently telling wonderful stories about her grandmother and sharing her recipes as well. One of my favorite blogs.


Prompt words for today are marvel, surmount, bizarre, levity and map.

10 thoughts on “Kitchen Queen

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Reblogged this on koolkosherkitchen and commented:
    Dear Beautiful People, it’s all Judy’s fault! She egged me on to start publishing “My Grandmother’s Recipes” (in English, in my son’s translation), and now she has crowned and anointed me. Her poem is so clever and witty, as are all her poems, that I had to share it with you. I can’t leave you without a recipe, though, so here is a healthy, dietetic , and very lucky one. Enjoy!

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