Why I Don’t Bake!!!!

Why I Don’t Bake!!!!

Disclaimer: Dolly, best you don’t view this one.

Well, it all started when I mistakenly bought non-gluten shortbread flour rather than corn flower at the local market that caters to expats. Since I’d thrown the receipt away and since I suddenly had a free day, thanks to the fact that the animals had not awakened me for their feeding in time to make the event I was supposed to go to, I decided to follow what looked like an “easy” recipe.

Wrong!!!  Four hours and two old movies* later, here is the final result. Oh, and if you were going to comment that they probably taste better than they look, WRONG. They taste terrible, partially due to the fact that I just noticed while taking these photos that the shortbread mix was a month out of date when I bought it. Or perhaps it is supposed to taste stale.  I just know that trying to get shortbread cookies blended and moist enough and rolled out without crumbling is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!  And the glaze is another story all together.  All-in-all, I’ll buy my Little Schoolboy cookies at the store after this, never mind their very inflated price here. Click on the first photo if you are a glutton for punishment and want to see captions and enlarged views of my cooking disaster.


*To encourage myself to spend more time in the kitchen, I put an old TV with a VHS player in it in the kitchen and I’m watching my extensive collection of VHS movies before disposing of them. Any of you out there with a VHS player who want them, they are yours for the postage..or for the picking up.




6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Bake!!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is a glaze.. not entirely successful. Oscar had his English lesson here today and when I offered him a cookie, he turned it down. Ha! This is a kid who really likes to eat. I wouldn’t recommend that shortbread mix to anyone. I added an egg, oil and water. It didn’t help it.
      Actually, they are better today after being in the fridge overnight. The ones covered in chocolate are not horrible and the ones only half covered fare better when covered with raspberry jam. I am determined to salvage some honor in all of this. No word from Dolly from koolkosherkitchen. I think she obeyed my warning that perhaps she shouldn’t read this.

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