Indulgent Parents at the DMV



Indulgent Parents at the DMV

You’ve studied so hard and we’re screamingly proud.
You’ve done everything perfect, for crying out loud.

You’ve conquered the manual, drive in the dark,
avoiding pedestrians. Parallel park.

You knew all the signals for stopping and turning.
Looked perfectly calm, though your stomach was churning.

It’s such a travesty  you didn’t pass.
That inspector was prejudiced, ornery and crass.

Your driving test was perfect. Almost.
Anyone could have missed seeing that post!


Prompts today are travesty, scream, manual, loud and almost.

7 thoughts on “Indulgent Parents at the DMV

  1. slmret

    I would laugh out loud too, but yesterday there was a tragic accident outside the HS and the Laguna Hills city hall. A man driving a McClaren (worth $300K) crashed into a traffic signal pole, causing the car to literally explode. The fire charred the pole all the way to the top and half way across the road. One witness said he revved up and swerved to avoid a kid on a scooter or skateboard — he missed that kid, and fortunately, nobody else was hurt, but only because the HS kids were in class! The car was unrecognizable, and the roads were shut down all day!


      1. slmret

        Yes, the man was killed. The man who swerved was the driver of the McLaren who crashed — but he was also going 90 mph in a 45 or 50 mph zone — he got his earned penalty! And I imagine the kid on the skateboard was scared pretty badly — but probably learned to be in the crosswalk and to look both ways. I don’t think he was at fault at all. Apparently there was another witness who saw the McLaren blow past about a mile before the crash, too. It must have been pretty horrible!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          The darn thing about race cars is that the little boys/men who buy them are bound to want to race around in them, even in inappropriate places. So glad it wasn’t the skateboarder who was killed.

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