6:54—Six Minutes to Spare

IMG_1305 (1)

6:54—Six Minutes to Spare

These prompt words wag their tales at me and scamper here and there.
Each sits upon its haunches, issuing a dare.
The distance that’s between them grows vaster with each stroke
of my fingers on the keyboard. I decide to go for broke.
Nearby the clock hands tick and tock. Time edges toward the wire.
The time left for this challenge is starting to expire.
Comminatory judgment awaits me if I fail it.
I cannot face that verdict. I simply have to nail it!
I must rely on humor to help me tame this mob.
Herding words, as you must know, is such a thankless job.
But now they throng about me, tongues extended for the licking.
I’ve met the challenge, time to spare. My alarm is still ticking!


I’m still at my writing retreat, but I got up early to try to fulfill the blog prompts before our first meeting of the day. Prompt words today are vast, rely, wag, comminatory and wire.



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