Fortieth Anniversary Addendum

Fortieth Anniversary Addendum

Although you pull the conversation back to matters topical,
I sense my feelings for you are becoming much more tropical.
Bounteous jungles teem with orchids sensual and clinging.
As you ponder politics, my hormones begin zinging.
I can sense you’ve zero interest, yet I ponder what
it might take for me to get you pulled out of your rut.
It’s true that we were married forty years ago today,
and it seems we should do something more to celebrate the day.

Dinner out and flowers have come to be the norm,
but I’ve planned a celebration that’s a bit more warm.
Champagne in a bucket on the bedroom floor
might, if all my plans go well, lead to a little more
than a heavy meal and flower petals falling to the rug.
A remembered twinkle in the eye? A heartstring’s gentle tug?
Of politics and prime rib, I’ve had my yearly ration.
Now I’d prefer to celebrate with a bit of passion!


Prompt words today are ponder, inflict, zero, bounteous and tropical.

5 thoughts on “Fortieth Anniversary Addendum

  1. sgeoil

    Hi Judy, your poem has not linked up at RDP, and I have checked both pending and spam and you aren’t there either!! Yet, when I click on your link it goes to RDP….very strange.



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