Poinsettias: FOTD Dec 13, 2019

When I moved here eighteen years ago, my first visitor was my friend Linda from Oaxaca. Since Christmas was nearing, she brought me a beautiful poinsettia plant which I planted in the lower garden after the holidays. Over the next few years, it grew and grew, but when I had my studio built, it covered it up and I eventually forgot it was there. This year, my only poinsettia blooming was the peach–colored one I showed in a FOTD post a few days ago. But, surprise, surprise. As I exited my studio the other day, I noticed a flash of red behind the dense cover between the sidewalk and the wall and there, peeking out from around the corner of the studio, was this beautiful red poinsettia. Things like to grow in Mexico, neglected or not! So here, at last, is a shot from me of a red poinsettia. Here they are called “La Flor de la Nochebuena” (Flower of the Holy Night, or Christmas Eve). Merry Xmas, everyone!!!

For Cee’s FOTD

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