Christmas below the Tropic of Cancer

Christmas below the Tropic of Cancer

Those venerable among us have long since passed away,
so we’ll make do with newer friends on this Christmas day.
We will light our candles and cook the spiral ham.
Eat the sugar cookies filled with nuts and jam.
We’ll enjoy the babble around the Christmas table
and squeeze another helping of pie in if we’re able.
The sounds and tastes of Christmas are fraught with memories—
with bubble lights upon the tree and packages to squeeze,
but the nice thing about memories is that we keep on making them,
for supplementing memories does not mean we’re forsaking them!


Prompt words for the day are candle, fraught, babble, venerable and sound.

11 thoughts on “Christmas below the Tropic of Cancer

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Me too, Patti. Gloria sent me a video of Bing and Frank singing White Christmas and it raised a tear or two..Wanna do a duet of Silver Bells later? I have one remaining bubble light. Wish I had a string of them. I have it on a regular string of lights and it works sporadically.. not right now. Needs to get hot enough.



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