Young Love

So I took a stroll into the town plaza instead.

Young Love

After a certain interval, my innocent young sister
seemed to fall in love with each teenaged boy who kissed her,
but these girlish fantasies just left her in a pickle,
for as you know, boys in their teens are usually fickle.
So, although each goodnight kiss to her seemed purely magic,
its likely aftermath was more usually tragic.

Prompt words today are aftermath, popular, interval and sister.

3 thoughts on “Young Love

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    So many kinds of love, aren’t there? But young love is the most enthralling. It wraps you up and carries you away and even though, later on, when you think of it you know it was not the stuff of which long relationships are made, still, it WAS wonderful. For however long it lasted, it was riding on a rainbow, too happy to breathe.

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