Time temporal drips away like ice cream from a cone.
We cannot help its melting as it leaves us all alone.
Jackpots won, creative gains, come at last to naught.
We cannot leave this world of ours with anything we’ve got.
Every appetite assuaged ends finally in thirst.
We don’t determine the final act, no matter how rehearsed.
Though we avoid the truth of it, alas, all that I say

is truth regarding what life gives and what life takes away.


Once again, thanks to my sister Betty for these images of my
childhood. Without her, fewer memories would remain.

Prompt words today are temporal, creative, jackpot, thirst and help.

13 thoughts on “Ablation

      1. momshieb

        No apologies! Tears of sorrow for those we’ve lost, or are soon to lose, are good tears. My Mom is turning 90, and is increasingly frail. Your lovely poem made me think of her. Sadness is part of being human; I don’t mind!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      My sister, unfortunately, is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, all of these photos were in my albums. We had copies made long ago from my mother’s photos.I don’t think my parents even had a camera. I got my own in my preteens and started taking my own photos, but my sister had a certain flare for thinking up poses, I think.


  1. Anton

    Yet what a lovely collection of memories to have Judy, but I cannot deny that I feel close enough to you to affectionately hope your depression lifts soon and life once again has as many laughs as tears. I so wish I won’t be the next on your rip list as my cancer has now spread to both hips, ribs and legs. But I still care far more about my wife than myself, and my prayers, humour and knowing people like you refuse to let to me dwell on the sad side of things. After all, if my God is waiting for me I’m really very lucky. God Bless. x x x Anton


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh no, Anton. I thought you had kicked that beast. What an incredible life you’ve had and that’s something the demon “C” can’t take away from you. oxoxoox



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