Your Touch


Your Touch

As you turn over
in your sleep,

the pebbled grapefruit
of your cheek
grazes mine.

That swift percussion
of your heart
raises the blanket
stretched tight as a drum
between us.

Beat of your blood,
warmth of your thigh.
Your lips
another country,

divided from me
by that high border
of your shoulder
and the gravel of your heart.

Once, the touch of lips 
warm in their fervor,
rather than a mistake
in the night.

Once, the amaryllis
cast twilight
over our bed.
A harbinger

of yellow roses,
their petals fallen
over your pillow.
Their thorns.


For Weekly Scribblings  the prompt was to pick any three words from the given word list that fit the mood/theme of your prose or poem and write on a topic of your choice. 
amaryllis                  somewhat                percussion                darkness                  grapefruit
deep                           cast                         warmth                       blood                          touch
gravel                        twilight                    lips                              sky                             sleep
bedside                      scones                     fervour                      harbinger                 cogitation

33 thoughts on “Your Touch

  1. sanaarizvi

    Wowww!!! 💝 This is utterly stunning in its use of language and imagery 😀 I was especially enamored by; “the pebbled grapefruit of your cheek,” thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The amaryllis is a flower that signifies pride. Mythology has it that Amaryllis was a shepherd woman who loved another shepherd named Alteo. This man only loved flowers. Yellow roses signify the ending of a love affair or relationship. So in the end, a sad poem of past passionate fulfillment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. slmret

        Knowing the mythology attached to the poem really enhances its beauty of both the flower and the poem! Yes, a sad poem of past passionate fulfillment, but also a beautiful expression of the myth. Thanks for the explanation!


  2. kim881

    A stunning poem, Judy, very sensual perspective of the myth of Amaryllis. I particularly love the lines:
    ‘the pebbled grapefruit
    of your cheek
    grazes mine’
    and the metaphors: ‘percussion of your heart’, the blanket ‘stretched tight as a drum’ and ‘beat of your blood’, and ‘Your lips another country’ and ‘high border of your shoulder’.

    Liked by 1 person


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