The grey cat cries and cries for food, but in spite of her bitchin’,
it seems there’s naught to satisfy her in her master’s kitchen.
She would not eat the Whiskas tuna that she loved last week.
Fresh hamburger? She only deigned to have a peek.

Pork tenderloin she shuns as well as beef and cream and cheese.
A bit of gravy is another treat that does not please.
Fresh bass I bought and poached for her merely got the nose.
No mouth was closed upon it. It was not a taste she chose.

Chicken in soup with veggies? She chanced to have a taste,
then raised her nose and flicked her tail and made away in haste.
There’s canned tuna on the counter with the other four
new cat foods that I bought today at the cat food store.

I’ll try them out tomorrow, but I do not have much hope.
Chances are her majesty will only sniff and mope.
What is it with these felines that gives them attitude?
I’ve never seen the double of this old girl’s cattitude.

She awakens me at scandalous times, demanding of her feed,
then looks at me askance when I attempt to fill her need.
I fear it’s true she’s skin and bones––my fault it is supposed,
but I assure you that her fast is strictly self-imposed!!!


Not fiction! I made a special trip into town today in spite of my wracking cough, donned a face mask and braved Walmart. I bought fresh fish, which I abhor, for the first time in my life, along with all of the foods mentioned above and so far, she chanced one tiny bite. But, just checked and she drank all of the fresh cream I poured out for her. Her highness is satiated for the time being!

I’m linking this to dVerse Poets’ Open Link Night. See other poems HERE.

And to see their website, go HERE.

30 thoughts on “Cattitude

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Maybe the cat’s found a secret supply of real mice? I suppose no cat-food manufacturer would ever dare introduce a “Mouse Medley” or “Mashed Mouse” flavor? “Made from a wholesome puree of specially bred white mice, of course.”


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I agree. They need to have real flavors: rat, lizard, mouse, squirrel. I did a blog on this a month or so ago….Even had a food dispersal system on the back of a windup mobil mouse so the cat could chase it!


  2. kim881

    As a fellow cat lover and cohabiter, I love your true feline fiction, Judy! Our two can be picky and choosy, when they feel like it. They prefer chicken and fish, but one thing we’ve noticed is that the smellier the food is the more they like it, especially Mojo. Luna would be happy if everything was mouse-flavoured.

    Liked by 1 person


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