Photo by Nick Collins on Unsplash. Used with permission


They say there’s a conspiracy in our retired community
to try to form a sort of dietary unity.
Go easy on potatoes and cut down on your beef.
They say such limitations bring intestinal relief.
Cut down on your sodium. Eat fish instead of meats.
Eschew bread and pastry, but double up on beets.
You’ll assuage all your ailments, cut down on your weight,
and a much longer lifetime will likely be your fate.
More years without chocolate. More years without bread.
More years of deprivation. And then you’ll still be dead!!


Prompts for the day are retire, conspiracy, community, assuage and beet.

9 thoughts on “Beets

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    There is an old joke about an elderly couple who expire together and go to heaven. There, because they had led perfectly righteous lives, they are allocated a mansion with all the luxuries they could ever imagine, including the most decadent foods and drinks. So the old man turns to his wife and says, “If it’s not for your darn bran muffins, we would’ve been hear 20 years earlier!”

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