Eleventh Hour

Eleventh Hour

It’s true the groom was old and gray,
a cane or walker his mainstay,
and the one he called his child bride
was just as tall as she was wide.

Her bathing schedule so erratic,
she was rather aromatic,
but since he’d lost his sense of smell,
they were suited very well.

If they had cause to take a journey,
he’d simply push her in a gurney
in lieu of walker. It worked well.
Her needs and his were seen to gel.

Centuries later, folks will recall
the evening of their wedding ball.
The dance they chose was rock and roll—
as practical as it was droll.

He rocked, she rolled, then one dance done,
he wheeled her off to have some fun.
For the groom, so aged and furry
was nonetheless in a great hurry

to address their wedding bed.
Fearing that he’d soon be dead,
he rolled his roly poly mate
out of the ballroom, through the gate,

down the hall and  to their room,
an act, I fear, that sealed his doom,
for once his ardor was diminished,
alas, the groom’s long life was finished.

But in the end? A bit of magic,
for the ending was not tragic.
Nine months later his game was won
when posthumously, he had a son!!!

Prompt words are aromatic, century, journey, mainstay and wide

13 thoughts on “Eleventh Hour

      1. blindzanygirl

        I’m a bit like that too. I am writing a kind of murder thriller for Fandango’s One Word Challenge – in daily installments – and I never know where it is going to end up!


  1. lifelessons Post author

    I have absolutely no memory of having written this poem, Mary. If it weren’t on my blog, I would have thought someone else wrote it. Perhaps I should worry…….I do remember taking the photo, however, and have a funny true story about the man in the picture, although this poem is pure fiction.



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