Valentine’s Day Mexico, 2020

Valentine’s Day Mexico, 2020

I broke a standing rule not to make any appointments until 2 p.m.* and met friends for coffee and croissants at the French Bakery at 9:45 this morning. We had such a good time that three and a half hours later we were hungry again and decided to go for lunch!  When we arrived at Scallions, our second restaurant of the day, Glenda got into the Valentine spirit and bought balloons for her honey and for us from a balloon vendor who passed by. We all indulged in incredible Cobb salads and one of us indulged in a gin and tonic as well.  After another couple of hours, we left the restaurant, passing a landmark that should be familiar to you. Remember the photo of the front of the beauty shop that was undergoing a redecorating process two months ago? Its before and after photos are below.  Then Glenda and I went on to a man selling wonderful topiary trees for an additional gift for Mario, Glenda’s partner. I resisted  an amazing carved tiger (pictured below) which was larger than life-sized. I figured one dog on the roof was perhaps enough large animal imagery for my house. We then went to the bakery where I got chocolate Valentine’s cakes for Yolanda and Pasiano’s families, including a sugar-free cake for Pablo, Yolanda’s husband. After delivering Glenda to her home and the cakes to Yolanda and Pasiano, I finally got back home about  7 1/2 hours after I left in the morning, having celebrated Valentine’s Day sufficiently for this year.  For once, I forgot to take photos of most of the activity, but here are the photos I did capture below. If you click on them, they should enlarge.

*because I took a vow six years ago to write every day until 2 p.m.

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Mexico, 2020

  1. slmret

    That looks like a wonderful day! I love the tiger — and wow — the beauty shop really looks nice now! That was a quick change! The cats truly love you — that’s their idea of the best possible gift!



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