Reblog: Blogomania

Hello, LifeLessons readers, OkcForgottenMan here.

Most of you know by now that Judy is at a writers retreat in Colima, and I have graciously (maliciously?) agreed to fill in for her for the next several days, reblogging some of her older poems. It’s a fun gig for me as I stroll back through her blog archive, wondering which to select. I’ve done this twice before. The first time I arbitrarily chose to look only at her oldest posts, from 2013 (her first year blogging) to 2014. Next I looked at 2015 posts. Since I’m a lazy creature of habit, I’ll look at her posts from 2016 this go-around.

Judy almost always posts early in the morning. (We’re both on U.S. Central Time.) But I rarely crawl out of bed before noon, and I’m not reblogworthy until I’ve had my Dr. Pepper (my version of coffee) and digested the day’s news. Yes, my reblogs will usually be late, like this one, so please dispel the perception that I’ve regressed into becoming ForgettingMan. (Yes, Judy has already cast a faux chagrin in my general direction for not posting yet today!) I was wondering if there was a way I could work in some of the daily prompts Judy posts to. Then I had an epiphany!

First up is something she posted in January, 2016. It’s called “Blogomania”. Feels to me like a fun title to kick off my temporary tenure, yes?

7 thoughts on “Reblog: Blogomania

  1. Anna

    I think you, ForgottenMan, chose perfectly. I am a neighbor of Judy’s who reads this blog weekly so I’m smiling over my coffee this morning. Thanks for a good blog on both your parts.



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