Sun Goin’ Down on the Social Network!


Blog obsession? I tried to quit.
How did I get over it?
I psychoanalyzed myself,
then put my blog up on a shelf
and ventured out to have a life––
to be a girlfriend or a wife.
I went on social media,
put up with all its tedia
to try to find that special one
to have some extra-blogging fun.
I used my laptop not for blogging
but for romantic lollygogging.

And when I found a special one
who seemed intelligent and fun,
we wrote a bit and then, and then
I thought that I could blog again.
I confessed to him (with perfect diction)
my very slight blogging addiction.
He asked to read my blog and so
I told him just where he could go
to read me. Then I didn’t hear
from him again.  I thought it queer.

Finally, I asked him why
he’d let our conversation die.
He wrote back and that is when
he said I hadn’t time for men.
That if he wants more information,
he’ll simply get his daily ration
on my blog, then said good-bye.
And that is how I lost that guy.
Of future loves?  I had one fewer.
But at least I gained a viewer!!!

The Prompt: Happy Endings.  Tell us about something you tried to quit.  How did that turn out?

14 thoughts on “Blogomania

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think he didn’t want me at all, but if he had, he thought he would like more time than it seemed to him I had to spare. I think this second-guessing is what keeps us from doing much in our lives and I generally have not run my life by second-guessing. If I want something, I do it and take care of the problems as they come. There are a lot of things I’ve probably done wrong in my life but holding back from possibilities is not one of them!


      1. Ngobesing Romanus

        You are right. If someone likes us they should be ready for some sacrifices to enable us achieve our heart’s dreams. I am the proud husband of a woman who’s gone back to school to realize her dreams. I would have loved her by me for my selfish satisfaction, but I must consider her interest and make sacrifices for that.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. lifelessons Post author

              That’s exactly how my best male friend and I feel. Each of us feels the other does more for us than we do for them. I think the secret is that we’re both doing what we like to do!!!


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