Word Processing


Word Processing

Lightning flashed,
sparking the current which fueled the dream.
Letters zinged across a field of white,
waiting for justification to join other letters
in neatly-spaced rows of words.

For split seconds between thought and white space,
they danced into the dream.
Smoothly, straight-backed l’s and i’s
slid together
in magnetic minuets
while b’s and d’s bumped heavy bottoms,
vying for position.

Into the dream they went,
and then,
their brief dances over,
they froze into equal rows upon the stage
to watch the choreography
of each new letter as it joined them,
for the dream was of
entire dictionaries of words––

syllables holding hyphenated arms with syllables,
antonyms crowding synonyms in tight ironic cliques,
articles moving in swing rhythm
toward their appointed nouns.

Four rows of tables
faced the stage,
one fat spectator sitting on each table,
third row back,
surveying the white screen of the dream.

Applause issued from the table-sitters,
pushed out in broad solid farts––
brief ovations as they jumped from table to table
in swift movements
so that they themselves
seemed dancers on hot pavement.

When they paused,
it was to hover lightly over each table
before pounding short applause
with their fat rumps
and moving on.
Yet their applause was indispensable,

for it fueled the dream.

When lightning flashed again,
the dream stood still.
The dance over,
the spectators vanished
like the single-fingered ghosts they were.

Rain tapped the window,
adhering to the spider web
which hug like an intricate rope ladder
between the bougainvillea
and the window frame.

A distant alarm clock
burred into the silence.
A door opened,
and a woman
entered the empty room.

The dream called out to her from the screen,
but she did not heed it
as she disconnected the cord
that ran from the machine to the wall,
destroying its memory of the dream.
And so the poem died.


For dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night # 262.

12 thoughts on “Word Processing


    So descriptive and all of that after not getting proper sleep~!

    Well my problem today was a little different. I wrote a rant to put on facebook, and as you may know my right hand now has a splint on it, and sense I am not a “hunt- n- pecker” (no not that at all), I need all eight fingers plus thumbs to type. Now with that problem and an “auto spell check” changing words with the missed typed letters, I came up with something looking like a foreign language. Funny but not always so, as some words presented a unique presentation~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I touch type and I can’t tell you the number of times I looked down and it was all gobbledygook. Once I figured out what fingers were wrong and retyped it looking at an entire mistyped page and it worked. Another time a friend put what I wrote into Google and it changed it to the correct version!!! Incredible. It could tell I’d had my fingers on the wrong keys and compensated for it.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Lately when I wake up, I am stumbling for the line of a poem.. I’ve been writing poems in my sleep! One night I woke up three times during the night and this was so every time.



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