Off Course


Off Course

For those who cannot fathom the changes time has wrought,
tomorrow will be better, or perhaps it will be not.
Those who have championed progress, thinking it is for our betterment
might come at last to fathom that it’s been to our fetterment.
Why do we study science and waste our time at college
only to find out that we’ve been ruined by our knowledge?
We have been so quickly smart and sadly too late wise.
All our grand inventions seem to lead to our demise.
Can we make things better? Can we veer off to the light?
Or will we blindly keep our course, attracted to the night?

The word prompts today are: better, tonight, champion, fathom and college.

8 thoughts on “Off Course

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    I really like this and it is one I need to keep. However I must admit that veering off of the curricula took me into an interesting profession and life that was not part of my dreams as a 17 year old….My problem are those who know nothing about civics nature, the arts, and common sense. Where have these things gone~? Thanks to a little lady who talked me into taking Geology as an extra subject because then we could go on field trips together….


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