Travel Wisdom


Travel Wisdom

A fearless warrior one must be to navigate the world,
for in foreign climes you’ll find vast challenges unfurled.
When you start your journey you may count yourself a tourist,
yet in the end if you don’t fold, you’ll end up an endurist.
You’ll find out it is ludicrous to think bans will be lifted
and for you that ancient laws and mores will be shifted. 
You leave the life you knew before back in your former quarters.
Your world does not go with you when stray across your borders.

Prompt words for today are ban, warrior, ludicrous, navigate and tourist.

3 thoughts on “Travel Wisdom


    This brings back sad, deep thoughts of guilt in me, as this would have taken care of just one night for Shirley, while I would carry what I needed in a little ten by eight inch bag , if any at all…extra stuff, which was always packed and ready to go. I would fuss at her about the hair dryer, three changes of clothes in case one of the other ladies had a similar color, curlers, cream, extra shoes, books, computer, maps, hats, (unknown secrete items), a ten pound hand bag, and maybe the cat~! “Sorry honey if I only knew, that it was what you wanted and needed. I would give the world to carry a truck load of them for you today~!” I learned to tell her that our time of departure was a couple of hours before it really was, but then she quickly caught on to that, so it did not work any more. Now coming home, the act was usually reversed, for I always found things that I could not live without, like an old sword, an antique or artifact or book that caught my fancy and some tool that I might need in the future around the house.

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  2. slmret

    It feels as if we are currently traveling from one version of our world to another — our borders are indeterminate at the moment, and it will be interesting to see what we “come home” to!

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