Ode to Morrie

Ode to Morrie

Oh you ball of energy, you little ball of fluff.
When it comes to hugging you, I cannot get enough.
Your hair so black and curly, your teeth so sharp and white
that it is an honor when you choose to bite.

Your flair at ball retrieval truly has no equal.
However many thrown for you, you always seek a sequel.
Your eyes luminous marbles, your nails a lovely shape
from running over terraces to stem a squirrel’s escape.

Your hairy little jowls would put Borgnine’s to shame.
So many little mysteries for which you aren’t to blame.
What creature eats the birdseed spread out on the wall?
What other creature has your leap? What other dog the gall?

You give the cats their exercise and what possum would dare
to stray into a garden given to your care?
Oh brave little caroler when interloper passes,
Your mighty barks belie your size. No burglar tests your sasses.

At night you serenade me with your howling croon
accompaniment to ambulances or the rising moon.
My revered alarm clock, my companion after dark,
as now and then throughout the night I celebrate your bark.

Each day I laud thy energy, thy beauty and thy voice.
When I contemplate your dogginess, I cannot but rejoice!
This ode of praise I write for thee, I cannot help but pen it.
If there had been a dog messiah, my dear, you would have been it!

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For day 16 of NaPoWriMo we are to write an “Over the Top” poem of excessive praise for something.

Also for: dVerse Poets.

23 thoughts on “Ode to Morrie

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have two published children’s books Janet and One I’ve been sitting on for six months.. all illustrated and ready to go. Don’t know why I don’t follow through.


  1. lifelessons Post author

    Thanks, Sherry. I wrote a reply to you but don’t see it here so I’ll repeat that he is indeed a sweet and clever little guy. The assignment was to be excessive in my praise, thus the extreme lauditory tone and details! ;o)


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Linda, there’s another Morrie tale today, merely by coincidence as the prompts pushed me into it. Then I discovered two of the prompts were yesterday’s! They hadn’t changed them when I collected them, I guess. Oh well. Whatever leads to the poem!


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