Bananas for Bananas

Papaya and banana smoothie blended with bran, almonds, Psyllium, ground flax seed, chia, green apple soy milk and ice. I’ve had a variation of this smoothie every morning for at least 25 years.

Bananas for Bananas

The ubiquitous banana is long and smooth and yellow—
subtly curving inward, its flavor round and mellow.
In the jungle you can find it in a monkey’s hand,
but when you find it in the market, Chiquita is its brand.

The denizen of smoothies , or dipped in chocolate,
with a banana in your mouth, you will not talk a lot.
You’ll chew and you will savor, perchance to moan and drool.
If you don’t like bananas, you’re a culinary fool.

You can find one that is yellow and pick it from the bunch,
add berries and papaya and savor it for lunch,
but a real banana purist just picks one out and peels it,
then gobbles it up fast before somebody steals it!


This is the state of my banana tree. About time to pick the bunch and hang it up to wait for them to finish ripening.

The NaPoWriMo prompt today is to write about fruit.

12 thoughts on “Bananas for Bananas


    Smooth poem but complex drink~!
    Oh again you bring back memories of war stories. In the late 50’s I was on a contract for United Fruit Company at Puerto Armuelles, Cherique, Panama. Back then this was a huge banana plantation which covered that part of Panama and Coats-Rica. It was also where Chiquita got her name from that state. I think of all of the contracts I have worked on this was definitely the very best~!

    I dated a secretary who worked in their office and she also modeled for promotion as “Chiquita”. Ha, I guess I dated a banana. No her name was actually Mariela Sepulveda and she was much more beautiful than that cartoon character. She filled another important purpose for me, as she put my technical reports into Spanish and typed them for me. Smoothies were not invented yet, unless you are speaking about a “smooth” single bachelor~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        I do know a Jim Wilhite but he worked with me in our San Antonio office. I worked three times in Chiriqui area for United Fruit, when they were still the largest in the world as a fruit company. My first contract was doing surface geology with months walking through and living in the jungle with only about five brush cutters, “obreros” who cut a path, set up my hammock and cover, and cook my food (which was mostly gathered in the jungle). The second gravity and third seismic. Each of these required lager crews with the final one about a hundred men. This is a normal progress of exploration.

        I had my own little villa and a narrow gauge train with driver, and every few days a man came around and hung a fresh stalk of bananas on the outer porch. Until then I did not realize how many kinds of bananas existed, all the way from tiny purple ones go giant plantains. The growing and harvesting and shipping of them was quiet different back then, mostly human labor. A story unto itself. I will try to rhyme it as it is now history. I have written a little but it is on my Facebook.



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