What I Did on My Coronavirus Vacation

What I Did on My Coronavirus Vacation

What I did was issue a challenge to six friends to all start out with the same materials and to create an art piece. Each of us here lakeside contributed a number of items and the only instructions were to use as many of them as we wished and to add items to make a work of art. In my case I chose to do a piece reflecting my activities during this time of “seclusion.”

Here are the items we all started out with: (you may click to enlarge images.)

It was my intention to show you the finished project, but as I was photographing it, I thought of six other elements I needed to add, so tomorrow–the finished project. Want to join us? Create your own Shelter in Place collage.


10 thoughts on “What I Did on My Coronavirus Vacation

  1. slmret

    Looks like a fun project — but my activities don’t include much that’s conducive to inclusion in a work of art — throwing out lots of paper, sorting mor paper, moving furniture, a little gardening (a friend and I pulled out a rose bush, raked camellia petals from under the bush), and a little cooking.

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      1. slmret

        I never considered myself artistic until I started playing with my camera. I do consider my photos to be a form of art — but I’ve never done art in the sense of your projects. My exposure to art and music both are that of observation — listening to music, and viewing art.


  2. slmret

    I’m just beginning to rearrange the living room — will take photos when it’s done, but it will be a few more days because some of it’s a little heavy and I need to do it myself! I’ll add the back yard then, and maybe the front walk too! The rest is still too messy to show!



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